93x60x12mm, String Spacing 16.8mm +/- 1mm. Precision machined from durable top grade brass or aluminum and featuring a fully adjustable groove-locking saddle design, the A Style bridge offers the best in playability and no-buzz tone transference with a sleek, modern look. Super Sound! Create the ultimate custom bass with the Hipshot D style bass bridge. 5-string Omega bass guitar bridge. Style 2-Point Modern Bridge Mount (1) Acoustic (1) Modern (4) Pure Vintage (3) Price Under 20 € (5) 20 € - 50 € (2) 50 € - 75 € (2) ... Fender® HiMass™ 5-String Bass Wide Bridge Assembly With Zinc Saddles. High density die-cast Zinc with nickel finish. $105.60 - $220.20 . 3 inch string spacing. The Ultralite Tuners had me hooked at first, and now I'm hooked on the Hipshot D style 2-Piece Bridge and Tailpiece. UPC: 00840000919540. 3-D Bass Bridge, 5-String chrom Die massive Grundplatte und die Böckchen sind aus Zink-Druckguss wie bei einer Badass Bridge. Material Color String Spacing Quantity-+ Add to Cart Add to Cart Description; Dimensions; The classic look and feel of vintage barrel saddle design coupled with premium materials and precision craftsmanship. MwSt. Compare Clear All. Retrofits your Fender four hole mount bridge on your 5 string bass using four mounting holes. These bridges feature variable string spacing via an adjustment on the string saddles, string through body option, and precise intonation adjustment. Since its inception in 1999, the Hipshot A Style bass bridge has become the standard bearer for high end instruments and boutique builds. These are available in two different material constuctions: Brass and Aluminum. 5 String D Style Bass Bridge Reviews. SKU: 5K501C. MwSt. Super Material-Kombination. The style and appearance of the bridge is boutique inspired. Base footprint 3 7/32" x 2 15/32". The Image displayed shows a 4 string version of this bridge, but this listing is for a 5 string. Duane G. Having been a Custom Luthier of Ergonomically-Enhanced, and Tonally-Enhanced Basses for over 30 years, I've always used Hipshot products on my high-end projects and they've always been the cream of the crop! Includes mounting screws. Gold and Black finish images are unavailable at this time. 5 String B Style Bass Bridge. Hipshot 5 String D Style Bass Bridge. $115.12. Verpasse nichts! Modern style quick release 5-string bass bridge, with screws, 2-19/32" string spacing. 25.49 € inkl. More details. $115.12. Die arretierbaren Metalleinsätze, auf denen die Saiten aufliegen, sind aus Stahl. UPC: 00840000916570. Economy heavy-duty 5-string bass bridge, 2-13/16" string spacing. Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; Youtube; 5 String KickAss™ Bass Bridge. Available in Chrome, Nickel, Black, and Gold finish. Home › 5 String KickAss™ Bass Bridge. Sold out BB-3440 Economy Heavy Duty 5-String Bridge from $30.00 . Finish Mount Hole Pattern Quantity-+ Add to Cart Add to Cart Description; Dimensions; At first blush, the KickAss™ might seem like a simple, heartfelt tribute to Leo Quan’s BadAssII®. Compare up to 4 products . Hipshot D Style bridges are a unique option for your 5 String bass. American Deluxe 4-String Bass Bridge Assemblies ('04-'10) 89.99 € inkl. The 5 String Bridge Finish is similar to that of the 4 String Bridge. SKU: 5B500AC-750.